Emergency Notifications and Timely Warnings

Under the Clery Act, and Emergency Notification (Alert) notifies the campus community of any significant emergency or dangerous situation occurring on campus that involves an immediate threat to the health or safety of student or employees. UNM branch campuses and UNM West will have a designated person to activate their Emergency Notifications (Alerts), in accordance with their own campus protocols. Emergencies should be reported to the UNM Police Department by calling 911.

Some examples of Emergency Notifications (Alerts) are:

  • Approaching extreme weather
  • Armed intruder
  • Bomb threat
  • Explosion, fire, or gas leak
  • Serious health-related outbreak
  • Riot
  • Terrorist incident

When a Clery Act crime is committed within the University’s so-called Clery geography and the situation poses a serious or continuing threat, the UNM Police Department will issue a Timely Warning (Advisory) to promote safety and aid in the prevention of similar crimes on campus. The Timely Warning (Advisory) should include appropriate information as soon as it becomes available, such as location, crime, description of subject (if known), and any other pertinent details. Additional updates may be issues as the situation evolves.

UNM Branch Campuses and UNM West will have a designated person to activate their Timely Warning (Advisory) procedures, according to their own campus protocols. UNM Police can provide assistance with the LoboAlerts System as needed.

To require a Clery Act Timely Warning (Advisory), an incident must:

  • Involve a Clery Act crime;
  • Occur within the Clery Geography, which includes:
    • On-Campus (buildings on the Albuquerque Campus);
    • Non-Campus (buildings not reasonably contiguous to the Albuquerque Campus, but which are leased or owned by the University of New Mexico; and,
    • Public property (public property that is immediately adjacent to the Albuquerque Campus).
    • Be reported to a campus security authority (see Section 4 of UAP 2745) or local police authority; and,
    • Represent a serious or continuing threat to the students and employees on campus.

UNM will use the following methods for providing Emergency Notification (Alert) and Timely Warning (Advisory) notices:

  • UNM E-Mail: To provide faculty, staff and students with Emergency Notifications (Alerts)
  • UNM Web Page: To provide information about Emergency Notifications and Timely Warnings (Advisories)
  • Lobo Alerts (an emergency texting system): To provide information about Emergency Notifications (Alerts) and Timely Warnings (Advisories); all UNM employees and students are automatically enrolled in this system
  • UNM Sirens (strategically placed warning sirens): To warn the campus community of a current or impending emergency situation; community members should shelter in place and look for further information through Lobo Alerts, UNM E-mail or the UNM Web Page.