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April 2016

UNM Plans to Survey Students about Sexual Misconduct

(ABQJournal; April 2016) Beginning Monday, April 4th 2016, a combination of 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students will have the chance to answer a survey to provide feedback on how they feel in regards to sexual misconduct amongst students.  The survey will be conducted by a third party company and all responses will remain confidential.  There are prize drawings for those who participate in the survey.  Read More

Justice Department Releases Findings of UNM's Response to Campus Sexual Assaults

(April 2016) The conclusion of the review by the Department of Justice of University of New Mexico's response to Title IX issues on campus began in December 2014, and is now complete.  The U.S. Department of Justice announced the UNM has mishandled sexual misconduct on campus and currently does not comply with federal law.  Read the following articles for more information:

Justice Department releases findings of UNM's response to campus sexual assaults (UNM Newsroom)

DOJ report: UNM's sexual assault policies not compliant with Title IX, need improvement (KOB 4)

University Of New Mexico Often Mishandled Sexual Violence Cases, DOJ Finds (Huffington Post)

DOJ report: UNM must improve sexual assault policies (ABQJournal)

October 2015

UNM Students Raise Awareness for Sexual Assault

(UNM News; Oct. 26. 2015)  LoboRESPECT and the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity have been promoting sexual assault awareness on campus with the help of visual assistance. UNM students have set up thousands of plastic Solo cups in the Smith Plaza, each cup representing a student at UNM who could experience sexual violence during their lifetime. The purpose of using the red Solo cups was to symbolize the fact that 90 percent of sexual assaults that occur on campus happen whenever alcohol is present or involved in some manner. Read More

August 2015

New positions and changes strengthen UNM's Office of Equal Opportunity

(UNM News; Aug. 3. 2015)  The Office of Equal Opportunity, in order to better serve the UNM community as a whole, is expanding as it announces the selection and addition of of three new employees to the department.  OEO is tasked with ensuring that the University of New Mexico is in compliance with frequently updated federal laws designed to protect students and ensure their safety and wellbeing.  The University has selected employees it believes will continue to provide the highest level of satisfaction to students, staff, and faculty alike.  More information in regards to the new employees can be found in the full length article published by UNM News.  Read More

Women's Resource Center Fall 2015 Open House

The University of New Mexico's Women's Resource Center is hosting an open house on Friday, August 21st at 5:30pm. The Women's Resource Center is located at Mesa Vista Hall Rm 1160. For more information, CLICK HERE.

July 2015

Managers Have Major Impact on Preventing Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

Managers can help identify and discourage inappropriate behavior before it develops into workplace harassment and/or discrimination. Managers are in a unique position that allows them to assist with the prevention and identification of potential issues. The goal at UNM is to ensure that everyone benefits from a stress free environment, free of all forms of harassment and discrimination. Catching these potential issues early on and reporting them appropriately can help alleviate the issues before they arise. To find out more about what you can do as a manger, please read the entire release from OEO. Read More

April 2015

Focus Groups on Campus

UNM will be holding focus groups on campus beginning April 21st and ending April 23rd.  The purpose of these focus groups is to provide UNM students, faculty, staff and community members the opportunity to learn more about sexual assault and various types of sexual violence and how the University handles allegations.  Campus administrators will be working with Department of Justice staff in order to help facilitate these focus groups.  Representatives from the Department of Justice will also speak privately with individuals regarding these issues.  Read More

Justice Department Reps Discuss Sexual Assault

(Daily LoboMarielle Dent; April. 24, 2015) The United Stated Department of Justice recently conducted a series of open focus group meetings on site at the UNM campus. These meetings aimed at providing assistance to students who have either been a victim of sexual assault or have witnessed it occurring on campus. The intent of the meetings was to provide UNM students with an outlet to openly discuss their concerns in regards to sexual crimes. The University continues to work with the DOJ in order to reduce sexual violence in the community. Through the creation of the Lobo Guardian smart phone app along with LoboRESPECT as well as the recent focus groups, UNM aims to increase students' accessibility to the appropriate assistance needed to report crimes and overcome them as well. Read More

Sexual Assault Awareness Month events hosted on UNM campus

(UNM News; Apr. 9. 2015) — The University of New Mexico is hosting a series of events throughout the month of April, as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Hosted by the Dean of Students Office (DoS), LoboRESPECT, the National Guard, the Rape Crisis Center of New Mexico, the Women's Resource Center and the Student Health & Counseling Center (SHAC), the events aim to bring awareness to sexual assault and provide support for those who have been victims. Read more

February 2015

LoboRESPECT Committees Get Down to Work

(UNM News: Dianne Anderson; Feb. 13, 2015) — The University of New Mexico's Sexual Assault and Awareness Task Force is moving forward on recommendations made to the Provost on coordinating and streamlining the university's efforts to combat sexual violence on campus. At a recent meeting, Dean of Students Tomás Aguirre described the LoboRespect CARE model to a large group of university and community partners who will comprise the various subcommittees doing the work. CARE is an acronym for the components of the model: C for compliance; A for advocacy; R for response; E for education.

A steering committee made up of the chairs of the subcommittees and the Dean of Students will coordinate the effort to align the university's resources, clarify the process and educate the community. "This group represents almost 50 different units from around campus and even off campus, with about 80 people total taking part," said Aguirre. "It's a big undertaking and a tough issue to tackle." Read More