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Doesn't Affirmative Action mean special preference is given to minority groups or that there are "quotas"?
No. Affirmative Action at The University of New Mexico does not give people an advantage in getting hired or promoted. There are no "hiring quotas" and no special treatment should ever be given for any reason unrelated to job qualifications. Only the best person for the job should be hired or promoted. These decisions should never be based on someone's minority status, and all candidates must meet the minimum qualifications for the position.

What are my responsibilities with respect to Affirmative Action when filling a faculty vacancy or new position?
In order to meet the University's commitment to maintain and/or improve workforce diversity, Hiring Officials must show good faith efforts to target recruitment of qualified women and minorities to ensure their representation in the applicant pool regardless of whether the position has a placement goal or not due to underutilization, and to treat all applicants fairly.

Where can I locate faculty recruitment and hiring instructions to assist with properly filling faculty vacancies in my department?
Faculty Hiring Guidelines can be found on this website. You should also be familiar with UBP #3100-Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action policy.

What is an "Alternative Appointment Request"
From time to time, the University may hire through a non-competitive process. For more information on how this process is applied to faculty positions, refer to the Faculty Hiring Guidelines on the OEO website. For staff positions, refer to UBP #3210 - Recruitment and Hiring policy

What does underutilization of a job title mean?
In accordance with Executive Order 11246, the University has established placement goals to identify job groups that do not reflect 80 percent of qualified females and/or minorities available in the recruitment area. Placement goals have been established in the following campus locations: Main Campus (includes Health Sciences Center and Extended University), Gallup, Los Alamos, Taos, and Valencia.

How can I find out if a certain job title has a Placement Goal/is "Underutilized"?
To check whether or not a job title falls within a job group that has a placement goal(s) for females and/or minorities, go to the Office of Equal Opportunity website. If you are unable to access the information here, please call OEO at 505-277-5251.