OEO Overview

OEO provides both programmatic training and customized overview. To access online or instructor-led workshops provided by OEO, register through UNM Learning Central. If you need targeted or specialized training for your department, feel free to fill out our online Training Request Form or you may email us or call our office at (505) 277-5251.

Preventing Sexual Harassment in Your Workplace (Workshop)

UNM is committed to ensuring a workplace free of sexual harassment, and to PREVENTING inappropriate conduct before it turns into sexual harassment. In this two-hour workshop, an OEO staff member will discuss how you can prevent sexual harassment from happening in your workplace or unit. We will also discuss how to recognize and respond to sexual harassment by reviewing UNM Policies 3780 and 2200.


This online course provides education to the entire University community about a number of issues related to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. Through a series of different scenarios and activities, you will learn important principles you can apply to your everyday work and learning environments.

Civil Rights at Work at UNM

This workshop provides UNM staff with information regarding their rights and responsibilities as it relates to University civil rights policies, as well as informing managers and supervisors about their responsibilities in addressing civil rights issues in the workplace. After completing this course, you will be equipped to comply with civil rights laws and corresponding UNM policies, act to protect your employees’ civil rights, and prevent civil rights violations in the workplace. In addition, you will learn about the resources available at UNM to help employees address civil rights issues that may arise in the workplace. This course was developed to comply with the State of New Mexico’s requirement that all managers and supervisors employed by public institutions receive training in civil rights.

Americans with Disabilities Act: An Overview

The goal of this two-hour workshop is to help you gain a basic understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act as it pertains to UNM policies. You will learn about the federal and state laws applicable to UNM, the corresponding UNM policies, along with your rights and responsibilities under those laws and policies. Specific case studies and examples are utilized to deepen your understanding.

Title IX and Sexual Misconduct – What you need to know at UNM

Participants in this workshop will learn the basics of Title IX, what to do when Title IX discrimination or sexual misconduct is reported to you, talking points, confidentiality requirement, and how to support students who allege sexual misconduct. If you are staff or faculty member who has contact with students or who may receive a report of sexual misconduct, this course is a must.

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